Why HarmonI

What does the new brand logo mean?

  1. The name reflects our desire to restore harmony to people’s lives.
  2. While the pronunciation remains the same, the spelling is to differentiate the name from the standard spelling which uses a Y at the end.
  3. It also reflects our desire that our services are directed by the individual’s needs. In our environment we encourage clients to use “I” statements, “I like to live on my own”, “I like to go for walks”, “I enjoy a certain food”, “I need assistance with some daily tasks”, “I need help to get back to independent living”. It reflects that we place the person first, hence the capital I at the end.
  4. The logo is overlapping thumb prints, this is again to reflect the individuality of the person at the centre of our care and support provision. 
  5. The prints overlap to show while people are individuals they are also connected to others. All our clients are part of a wider community with many different connections.
  6. The overlap creates the shape of a heart which reflects our core statement of “compassionate support and care”.
  7. People + Potential: This statement or strap line as it’s called highlights that we are first and foremost about people, whether clients or staff members, and we want to release the potential in all.