Stewart Memorial House

The building we know today as Stewart Memorial House has a long heritage with NIID. Originally started as a rest home for working class people from the greater Belfast area, it has over the years fulfilled many important functions.

In the course of its life it has been a Rest Home, an Infirmary, A work shop, a School, a residential home and a Nursing Home. The range of people supported in the facility has captured all of society, from young disable people, children with special needs, Soldiers returning from the second Boer war, people with age related needs to people with complex disabilities requiring dedicated and professional nursing care.

Countless thousands of people have passed through its hallways either receiving or giving care and support at a time of need. If there is one reflection of the facility it is that the people who were either employed or volunteers have all given fully of themselves, selflessly to ensure their pupils, patients, residents or visitors received the best care and input possible. As a result, many thousands of people have had their lives personally and positively impacted, this is the true heritage of Stewart Memorial House,

In January 2016 the board and executive team had to take the very difficult decision to close the Nursing Care home due to financial constraints. That means today we are actively seeking a new lease of life for the facility.

Whatever we seek to do it will be first be filtered through the organisations highly tuned selection process to determine what the most prevalent societal need is at the time and if NIID has or can acquire the skills to meet that need.

While we have a long and strong heritage of service delivery, very often purely from a charitable perspective, we fully recognise that the landscape of service delivery in our world today. That requires a sound business basis, a close consortia approach with other providers, statutory agencies and where appropriate regulators to ensure the service is self-sustaining.